Cheryl Pirozzi, 6 weeks private consulting

My family’s experience with Kate was amazing. We were initially very skeptical of our ability to tolerate a whole food plant based diet and especially the willingness of our children to eat such food.  But we were introduced to a completely different way of cooking and eating, and amazed to find delicious, filling meals that we as well as our one- and three-year-old daughters loved. Kate is fun, knowledgeable, great with kids, and an incredible and innovative cook. And our short-term experience has led to long-lasting changes in our tastes and the way we eat as a family.  Since eating a mostly plant-based diet my husband and I have both felt healthier and stronger. At a critical point in development of healthy tastes and eating habits, my children have learned to love eating vegetables. I have recently heard my three-year-old daughter instructing her friends and other relatives that kale is delicious and “makes you smart and strong!” Pretty awesome- thanks Kate.

Cheryl Pirozzi, M.D.

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