Jon Bower, 12 weeks private consulting

I am so grateful and happy with my experience I wanted to share my personal journey with others. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you honestly sat down and looked at yourself and wondered why you’re having problems with your body? Whether it be a chronic stuffy nose, headaches, GI issues, or struggling with weight. I found myself taking many vitamins and still getting sick all the time. I was also having a hard time sleeping due my chronically stuffy nose. I went to the doctor and he couldn’t come up with a reason for my issues. I went to a homeopath and he gave me a slug of vitamins (that he magically sold), soon I was spending hundreds of dollars a month on vitamins. After months of taking them it hit me. I couldn’t say whether they were working, and I was getting sick of taking a dozen pills a day.

I started looking into people that could help. Through a good friend I found out that Kate was starting a program. We emailed each other a few times and she laid out what I would be expected to do and how she would help me do it. What she was asking seemed like an insurmountable request. It required me to completely change not only the way I ate but the way I looked at the food in general. So after much soul searching and many conversations with my wonderful girlfriend we decided to jump in with both feet.  Once we had committed to Kate, the adventure began. Kate came out to the house and went through our cupboards to get rid of things that we could no longer eat. After, she took us to the grocery store and helped us figure out what we needed to start eating. She followed up with lots of online information and recipes to help us with the transition. As per the program, we got together with Kate every week and talked about what was happening, any problems that we may have had, and offered her wonderful support.

Kate is an amazing person that has the ability to talk you off the proverbial cliff during a bad day. If you have questions she has a wealth of knowledge to find the answer and if she doesn’t know that answer she will find it. I am so grateful for her knowledge, compassion, and genuine desire to help people become more healthy and happy.  I’m not going to lie, this was a huge undertaking and at times was extremely challenging. You don’t get to go through life just stopping in and grabbing food anywhere you’d like. There are consequences to that. You have to be much more intentional about food and you have to think ahead.

Along with this experience came an education. I now have a much clearer idea of what is better to eat and what to avoid. I also have a better understanding of what the true cost of the “western diet” is, both personally and globally.  Kate has the ability to make a life altering change doable, and I know without a doubt that I would not have been as successful without her personal help. How she did this on her own is completely beyond my comprehension.  I’m very grateful for her help, knowledge, love, and her amazing personality.

I am now a few months after my personal program and I’m still eating a whole foods plant based diet. I’ve tried some of the foods that I used to love and found that they don’t taste as good as I remember and that I truly don’t miss meat. I still have times where I would love to run out and grab a burger or some junk food item, but I have found enough alternative options that it’s not a big deal. I’m happy to say that there are many restaurants and a few fast food establishments that are friendly to our diet. Eating this way is hard at first but after you find your routine it becomes easier. In many ways better, I’ve had to become creative by finding new recipes and can say that we have found so many new things to eat that over the last eight months we have only eaten a handful of meals twice.  I feel very confident that you will be happy with the work, support, and love you’ll receive from Kate Dowden. Thank you Kate, you’ve changed my life for the better and I look forward to many more years of health.

–Jon Bower, General Contractor

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