Westminster College Press Release

As a nursing graduate from Westminster College, Dowden (aka Nurse Kate) was intrigued by the evidence linking diet to cancer. But she discovered that eating whole-plant-based foods wasn’t that easy. Once she figured out how to navigate the eating habit, she knew she had to share it with others.

KUTV Enchiladas with Mary Nickles

In this short segment I had the great pleasure of making plant-based enchiladas with Mary Nickles! Thank you Michael Tallman Photography for the great photo.

KUTV Plant-based potato salad LIVE

In my first live TV appearance! Boy was I nervous! The group from KUTV Channel 2 was wonderful. Pictured here is the potato salad in the link garnished with beautiful edible flowers.

KUTV Bruised Cucumber Salad LIVE

Making a recipe in 4 minutes is HARD! This recipe however is easy and OH so delicious!! Thank you Ori Ann Li (check out her youtube channel) for the great recipe!

Ugly Magazine, A Beginners Guide To Eating Plants with Nurse Kate

Jamee Sailor did a wonderful job with this article! Armand Sanchez’s photos are stunning.