Mike Pirozzi, 6 weeks private consulting

I cannot overstate Kate Dowden’s role in helping me and my family fundamentally change our eating habits for the better.  She was able to motivate me to change tastes and eating behaviors I had held for my entire life.  I initially pursued her dietary plan when I realized I had high cholesterol, and she tailored a specific plan to address that issue.  But her impact was much more lasting; she taught me cooking, shopping, and planning skills that have allowed me to maintain a much healthier diet for myself and my family.  I have failed at dietary changes in the past, and these changes were initially very difficult for me.  Kate built trust and provided support through the process, and responded to problems with personalized solutions that were really insightful.  She is trustworthy and prompt, and we loved meeting with her.  My kids love her and her cooking.  I have not ever forced my two children to follow the diet I worked out with Kate, yet they are now making better food choices on their own, and have altered their tastes dramatically after having the chance to eat so much delicious, plant based food.  Kate is thoughtful and engaged, and bases her dietary plans and decisions on fundamentally sound nutritional principles.  She has a gift for mentoring people through dietary changes in a way that can create lasting changes in habits and health.  I vote 5 stars for Resilient Body Nutrition.

-Michael Pirozzi, MD

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