Frequently Asked Questions
What if I don't cook?

Resilient Body nutrition will teach you how! Half of the Six Week Immersion course is dedicated to in-depth cooking lessons that include everything from choosing and storing produce to chopping and sautéing! We’ll even show you the time saving short cuts!

Do I have to be a Vegetarian?

The Six Week Immersion course does require eating only whole plant based food (no animal products including meat, fish, eggs or dairy products) so if you choose to participate in that program you will make that commitment for 6 weeks with a group to eat a specific way. Participation in other Resilient Body Nutrition programs do not have any dietary requirements.

Will I lose weight?

Overweight people will very likely lose weight. There are those who will not lose weight usually due to specific body types and being thin at the start of the program.

Is this vegan?

While nearly all whole plant based foods are vegan, not all vegan foods are whole. A lot of vegan foods can be just as processed and unhealthy as animal based foods. The perfect example of this is Oreo’s which are a vegan food but far from healthy!

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