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What if the answer to your health lies at the end of your fork? What if a change in diet is the lifestyle change you need to create your healing story? What if it truly is that simple?

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I initially pursued her dietary plan when I realized I had high cholesterol, and she tailored a specific plan to address that issue.  But her impact was much more lasting; she taught me cooking, shopping, and planning skills that have allowed me to maintain a much healthier diet for myself and my family.   -Mike Pirozzi, MD

Research Driven

Eating whole plant based food has been linked to the reversal of heart disease, decrease risk of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease and obesity to name a few. Find out more

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Courses, classes, parties and consulting services are personalized to accommodate a variety of learning styles and personal preference. Making a change is difficult, Resilient Body Nutrition can help.

Time for a change?

The protective benefits of eating whole plant based food are very well documented. The problems associated with a diet high in saturated fat, animal protein and processed food are equally impressive. The associated emotional response and behaviors surrounding food choices, often spanning a lifetime, are understated. Making a change in diet is tackling not only food preparation, but our emotional response to food and the behaviors surrounding our food choices. Resilient Body Nutrition creates a community environment to not only help with food preparation skills but the emotional support needed to make a transformative change.


Corporate Lunch and Learn

Would you like to give the gift of a better understanding of nutrition to your employees? Allow engaging, entertaining and informative Nurse Kate to create a presentation tailored to your employees.     More Details     |     Sign Up Now

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Private Consulting

In-home private cooking classes, immersion courses and consulting tailored to meet your specific needs.     More Details     |     Sign Up Now

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Plant Powered Party!

Want to introduce your friends and family to whole plant based food? Have a party with Nurse Kate! Menus tailored to your taste and a cooking demonstration followed by a delicious meal will sure to impress your guests.  More Details    |   Sign Up Now

With Cancer Survivor, Nurse Kate.

Having battled and conquered cancer, Kate Dowden RN is passionate about giving people the same sense of control over health issues she achieved by practicing nutritional excellence.